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I received a penny necklace for Mother's Day. I was so touched that I cried. Shortly after my mother passed away 8 years ago I read a fortune that said "pennies from heaven will be at your doorstep". I have been sent pennies from heaven ever since that day. They are very meaningful to me. I know it's my Mother sending them to me at the most appropriate times. And I know my mother guided my daughter to buy this gift for me.

The first penny my mother sent me I found on the seat of the antique rocking chair in the living room. That chair was where my mother sat when she visited me for the last time. The most recent penny fell on the floor of the kitchen on April 14, the anniversary of my Dad's death. I had been speaking with my sister about Mom being a widow for 35 years and how she carried on as an independent person for so long. I heard a loud sound and wondered what dropped? Turned around and there was the penny. "Hi Mom", I said.

Dorothy S.

Brian Pinney, Husband, Father and Grandfather

At 17 my mom and dad, high school sweethearts, discovered they were pregnant. They decided to move to Arizona from Nebraska to start their new family. With only a high school education my dad eventually owned and operated a successful janitorial business. He was able to retire at the age of 50 and focus on his passions, nature conservation and wood working!

He created some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen. Each piece was always embedded with a penny from the year the item was created. He had done this for as long as I can remember. My dad was killed tragically in a hunting accident at only 56 years old.

The penny has such beautiful and heartfelt meaning for my entire family. To find your line was destiny. Each time we look at one of your pieces, it brings a smile to our faces. Thank you, for doing what you do and doing it so beautifully.

Traci Pina, Cari Carlson, Brian Pinney and Laurie Pinney


"Many people know me by the jingling sound that precedes me from the jewelry I wear. It’s a long standing joke among my girl friends from college. People close to me know that everything I wear has a meaning."

I wear this SINGLE ANGEL WING as a symbol that we are all one winged angels. But if you put our wings together then we fly. I was introduced to this line by a good friend, Karen who taught me what it meant. She helped teach me that it was okay to receive. And while I don’t believe we are ‘angels’ I do very much believe in the symbolism of human kindness and community. Through Karen, I have recently met the founder and creator of this angel wing necklace (*Laurie with Studio Penny Lane). The heart and spirit of her and her art have become a huge puzzle piece of my story that someday I will share more about.

(Notice here wing necklace and wrap leather bracelet!)

Read about Maddy and her incredible journey! Such and inspiration!

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Here is Rita, our newest video contributor to our My Pennies From Heaven story;

welve years ago, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The thought of losing my father was devastating. After I received the news, I was watching an episode of LA Ink. That particular episode featured a girl with a very specific design in mind. She shared with the artist that she had just lost her dad to pancreatic cancer, and heard that when you find a penny heads up, it's an angel sending you a message from heaven. In memory of her dad, the tattoo she chose was a winged penny heads up, with her father's date of birth on the penny.

When I heard her story, that became the message my daddy would send to me from heaven. My father lost his fight to cancer February of 2007. A few months later, I was walking a gift show, and came across Studio Penny Lane. After losing my dad, I had been finding pennies heads up in the strangest places... I'm sure he wanted to be certain I knew it was him! Finding Studio Penny Lane was not only heart warming for me.... It was a direct message from my daddy. To this day, this is my go to gift for friends and family... A love line from heaven.

Cindy W.

I wanted to share my story with u.
I walked into this cute store in Aptos called Warmth Co. The first thing that catches my eye is ur pennies from heaven necklaces.
I had to have one since when my mom passed away her sign to me was going to be pennies from heaven so I knew she was my guardian angel and by my side.
I have now gotten four little trinket boxes of hers full of pennies I have found. They appeared at all kinds of places and times. When I am thinking of her or not.

I read ur story about Conrad and it touched me.
He is ur angel. Sounds like a good man with so many demons to fight.

Thk u for the gift pennies from heaven.

Debbie S.

I was so happy to stumble upon Laurie and Studio Penny Lane at the recent Las Vegas market. I was so inspired by the story behind this wonderful line that I didn’t hesitate to order it in for my shop. Throughout market if anyone asked what great things I had found, I didn’t hesitate to point them on to Studio Penny Lane.

The best thing happened after returning from market though. I was chatting with a neighboring merchant outside my shop yesterday and before I could even tell her about Studio Penny Lane, she said, “What is that on your window sill?” Would you believe there was a pile of 33 pennies?
The universe most definitely was conspiring!
Thanks again for your story and your great product line.
Dan B.

I received my beautiful necklace! Thank you soon much!
I actually saw your necklace on a special friend named Charlene! I believe you know her!! She and her husband have been coaching Miracle League Baseball for many many years. Miracle League is a baseball league for kids with special needs. Both my children ( 23 and 19) have cerebral palsy and use wheelchairs for mobility. Although both kids have “retired” from Miracle League, we continue a friendship with Dave, Charlene and their amazing kids! They have always have included my children and me for many special times. Because of Dave and Charlene, my son participates in Roses for Seniors (a year Christmas Eve tradition of delivering roses to seniors at nursing homes on Christmas Eve. My son loves this tradition!!! Jeffrey has been volunteering at a nursing home for many years, so this was a perfect fit to add to his “favorite things to do”.
Last year, my husband of 24 years decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. Dave and Charlene were there to support me and the kids and have continue to support me through their love and compassion. They actually took me on a vacation getaway so I could be pampered! They didn’t just take me but some other couples who have special need kids. Dave told me that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t part of a couple anymore that being "me" was why I was included! I had an amazing time and enjoyed the much needed respite!
I have a strong faith in God and I know that Dave and Charlene are two angels sent from heaven. My penny from heaven necklace (1963, my birthday) reminds me that I can survive through hard times. I know I am blessed to have my children and that I need to be strong even when life sends me down a different path. My necklace gives me a sense of strength. I know God is with me.
God bless you for giving me “my armor” to hold my head up high and look for the positive that life has in store for me and my kids!!


Amy C.

Yes! – we had a positive experience with the order. Items were received and packaged on time.
Dr. Linda H. distributed them at a Nurse Executive Leadership event with 95 in attendance.
We incorporated ‘Moments of Greatfulness” into our daily safety leadership huddle where we have 100 plus leadership from all departments within the hospital in attendance……we pause and take time to share stories in our gratitude!!!
Lisa J