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Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses Virtue Tonic Growler and Chalice Set Bison Elixir Set- includes Elixir Jar and two Bison 11 oz. tumblers
Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses
Our Price: $62.00
Sale Price: $28.00

A set of 4 or our wine glasses in a gift box. The perfect gift for friends or to yourself.
1 ea, Ben Franklin quote, Love is Golden, En Vino Veritas, Love is the Answer.
This gift set makes a great gift for the men in your world. Inspired by one of our favorite humans, Mr. Abraham Lincoln we created a masculine collection of drinking glassware. Use this Virtue Tonic set to serve your favorite beers and tonics. Drink in your Virtue and Be the Master of your Life. Comes with one Abe Virtue Tonic, one Honesty Chalice and one Integrity Chalice in gift box packaging.
A gift boxed set of our Bison Elixir Jar and two matching 11 oz. Bison tumblers.
The Bison is a symbol for Strength, Courage and Gratitude, who knew it would also be one of interior design's hottest trends as well?
Elk Elixir Set- includes Elk Elixir and two Elk 11 oz. tumblers
Our Elk Elixir set comes with the Elk Elixir Jar and two 11 oz. Elk tumblers.
Gift boxed and ready to share, the Elk symbolizes Grace, Intuition and Trust.
The Elk seems to be showing up in just about every design trend across the country.